Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Car Lover — It’s Still Not Too Late!


Finding the perfect holiday gift for a loved one can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. But, if there’s a car lover in your life, there’s no reason to settle for a boring tie or fruitcake; this list of amazing, useful and plain absurd gifts is sure to please anyone who would rather be behind the wheel than any place else, and should make gift-giving a little easier. There’s still time!

Driving Experience – Not for the faint of heart, but definitely a good gift for the adrenaline junkie in the family who will very likely be raving about the experience for years to come. Several different race car driving schools and courses are offered and gift certificates are available. Here are just a few options:

 Portable GPS – A portable GPS might be just the thing for the auto geek who doesn’t have a navigation system, and doesn’t like depending on a smartphone app to get directions. Some GPS units even include other useful tech features, such as Bluetooth and satellite radio.

Satellite Radio – Is your loved one a channel flipper? Why deprive him or her of the experience in the car? A subscription to Sirius XM Radio will enable virtually commercial-free listening from coast to coast. Promotional offers are often available, saving you a significant amount off the rack rate.

Automotive Brand Apparel – Whether they spend their spare time shining up a classic car in the garage or taking Sunday drives in their cherished convertible, the automotive enthusiasts in your life might find that a branded T-shirt, baseball cap or jacket gives them the opportunity to show some pride in the vehicle that they love so much.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – It’s always important to check your tire pressure, and you can make the process a little easier with this stocking stuffer. The car nut in your family will thank you, since he or she probably knows that properly inflated tires can help keep you safe and add up to longer tire life and better fuel economy.

 A Travel Mug – Few things would ruin a car lover’s day more than spilled coffee during the morning commute, so help them out with a good travel mug. Look for an insulated mug that will keep their coffee hot, and a spill-proof lid to keep their ride clean.

Cell Phone Mount – If your car buff doesn’t have a navigation system in his or her vehicle, there’s a good chance they use an app on their smartphone to help them get from point A to point B. You can help them keep their eyes on the road by wrapping up a cell phone mount this holiday season. Most mounts use a suction cup to secure the smartphone to the windshield, which will help keep the smartphone’s screen in their line of sight. (Just make sure to remind the recipient that they should never make adjustments to the cellphone while they’re driving.)

Driving Shoes – If the car lover in your life is also a fashion enthusiast, a pair of driving shoes is a great way to combine style and function. These stylish slip-ons (sometimes called “driving loafers” or “driving moccasins”) were created during the Italian roadster’s glory days in the 1960s, complete with special “nubs” on their soles to make accelerating and braking easy and comfortable.

Wrenches or a Socket Set If you’re shopping for someone who’s always tinkering with a car in the garage, the right tools will make this hobby even more enjoyable. A set of ratcheting box wrenches or a mechanic’s tool set can help.

Car cleaning kit/Complimentary Service -This would probably be more appropriate as a stocking stuffer gift, however, it is still relevant enough to bring up. Car cleaning kits are sold at Target, Wal-Mart and other such places or can be made by purchasing the products separately. If cleaning products aren’t an option, try getting the gear head a gift certificate for a complimentary service such as tire rotation, a tune up or new brake pads. A gift certificate is a thoughtful and practical way to handle auto repair costs. Give us a call for more information.

WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats -These floor mats are customized to fit precisely in any car make and model, and ensure that snow, mud and sand stay off a car’s floors. To clean the floor mats off just remove them from your car and hose them down.

Autodromo watches – Any sports car aficionado would appreciate these watches, each inspired by the dashboard gauge of a 20th century European sports cars. The pieces, with perforated leather straps and stainless steel cases, boast minimalist designs that recall the “golden age of motoring, when driving required style, panache, and perhaps a little bit of danger,” according to their maker.

Resqme – For a stocking stuffer, the Resqme is a compact escape tool to keep in the car. It has a glass breaker and a blade to slice a jammed seat belt. Different colors are available, and it’s only $10.

Car lashes -As your loved one tears down the highway, motorists will be confused, yet intrigued by the appendages extending from the headlights. They can adorn their vehicle with “eyelashes”, and enjoy all the puzzled looks, too.

De-fogger cham pad -Restore visibility with this easy-to-use cham pad that won’t leave streak marks. Perfect for mid-winter steamy windows!

Car Seat Back Massager – Um, yeah this sounds pretty delightful. For anyone that has road rage or experiences a sharp spike in blood pressure when traffic abounds, this might just do the trick. This is probably an equal opportunity gift, safe to say to most people will enjoy using it. Many options on the market, check out the Portable Shiatsu Back Massager for the car.

Emergency Kit – Everyone should really have one of these in their trunk space, especially if there is a pending road trip. Visit AAA for more information on car emergency kits. They offer quality road kits, or you can even assemble one for the giftee yourself to give it a little extra love.

So, if you’ve been scratching your head over what to get the car lover in your life for the holidays, these automotive gifts will help you spread some holiday cheer — without wrapping up that too-festive Christmas sweater or questionable fruitcake.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Douglas Automotive Repair Inc!

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