Take Control of Your Vehicle’s Safety – Check Its Suspension

Like your car’s brake system, the steering and suspension systems are key to your car’s safety. Together, they largely determine your car’s ride and handling. Douglas Automotive Repair Inc recommends having your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems checked regularly, at least once a year and usually with a wheel alignment.

“Over time, steering and suspension components wear out and require replacement. The suspension system maintains the relationship between the wheels and the frame or unibody, and interacts with the steering system to provide vehicle control. Regular checks are critical to the safety of your car.

suspension pictureSymptoms of Steering and Suspension Wear:


Uneven tire wear

Noise and vibration while cornering

Loss of control

Several factors that affect steering and suspension wear include driving habits, operating conditions, vehicle type and the frequency of regular maintenance such as chassis lubrication and wheel alignment.

Questions to Ask a Technician:

Is there anything I can do to help the steering and suspension systems on my car last longer?

How does the work being performed eliminate the symptoms my car exhibited or my complaint?

Are there any related services my car needs while this service is being performed?

We can help with all of your steering and suspension needs.  Give Douglas Automotive Repair Inc a call today!

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