Ask the Tech: I Want To Keep My Car For A Long Time, How Can I Do This On A Budget?

Money is still tight and more than ever now people are keeping and driving their vehicles longer.  We hear them say, “my car is in good shape and I like it too, so I want to keep it for a long time.” Or, “I know this car is getting to the end of it’s life, but I need to keep it going for 2 more years. How can I do this?”

monthly-budget-21690537The good news is the cars today are very good products, and very capable of performing well for over 200,000 miles.  To ensure you can get to 200,000 miles, if that’s your goal, you need to do some preventive maintenance.

The first thing is to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected on a regular basis, at minimum at once a year, so that you catch small problems before they become big ones.

We can provide you with a “maintenance inspection” and a prioritized list of any recommendations we might have so you can make plans for them rather than be surprised by breakdowns.  We want you to buy your next car because you want to, not because you have to.

Call Douglas Automotive Repair Inc today to have your vehicle inspected.

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