Does Your Car Make The Grade?

As the end of summer nears, students are getting ready to head back to school. Whether it’s driving to college or carpooling with other neighborhood families, a properly maintained car is the safest, most dependable way to go. When your passengers are your children and their classmates, making sure your car gets more than a passing grade is extra important. A preventive maintenance check-up and having any repairs performed will give parents peace of mind as their children travel to and from school.abcs

To make sure your car gets high marks for safety and dependability, Douglas Automotive Repair Inc recommends a 21st century tune-up be performed to make sure the following systems are in proper working order: battery, charging and starting; engine mechanical; power train control; fuel; ignition; and emissions.

This month, Douglas Automotive Repair Inc is offering a Free Vehicle Inspection with an Oil Change to make sure you’re ready to head back to school!

In addition, the following items should be in peak condition for car pool season: tires and tire pressure; brakes; hoses and belts; air filters; wipers; exterior and interior lighting; and fluid levels, including engine oil, power steering, transmission, brake, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.

We also suggest that all vehicles have a roadside emergency kit on-hand that includes items such as flares, a first aid kit, a tire-changing jack, a tire pressure gauge, jumper cables and a blanket. In addition, important telephone numbers should be stored in the glove box or cell phone in case of a breakdown or emergency.

Give Douglas Automotive Repair Inc a call today to make sure your vehicle “makes the grade”.


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