Battery Service

Battery failure is the #1 cause of vehicle breakdown.

Your vehicle’s battery is responsible for providing dependable starting power. It also provides the power needed to run electrical components and accessories such as your interior and exterior lighting, power seats, windows, and radio. Battery service performed by Douglas Automotive Repair Inc.’s expert technicians can ensure a long battery life with maximum effectiveness and includes:

  • Performing a state-of-the-art computerized battery test
  • Replacement of a new battery, if needed
  • Removing corrosion from battery-cable terminals

Why is battery service important for my vehicle? Under-hood temperatures, vehicle vibrations, and extreme cold/hot climate conditions damage the internal components of a battery, limiting its life expectancy.batteries-102-dt

How often should I get my battery checked? The average life expectancy of a battery is three to seven years. However, if you experience any of the following electrical-system warning signs, it might be time to get your battery checked.

  • You have to jump-start your vehicle to get it running.
  • Your engine turns over slowly, or not at all
  • Your dashboard warning lights stay on
  • Some of your electrical components aren’t working

We carry a full line of AC Delco batteries and have ready access to all major brands. Call Douglas Automotive Repair Inc. today to have your battery tested. We offer a free complimentary battery load test any time. Most of the time we can do this while you wait, just give us a call before you head over.


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