Brake Servce

There’s no room for second best when it comes to your brakes. Our experienced technicians ensure that your vehicle is safe and that your brake system provides maximum protection and stopping power.

Douglas Automotive Repair Inc does all kinds of brakes—from drum brakes to disc, anti-lock, hydraulic and import brakes. We use only quality parts, and in many cases we use either original equipment (OE) parts, or parts made by manufacturers of OE parts.Brake_System_06_18_11

However, the use of quality brake parts is only the start of quality brake service, it continues with doing the job correctly, not taking short cuts which compromise the brakes on your vehicle.

For example, brake calipers are very critical to proper and safe function. Calipers themselves rarely fail, but when a brake shops sell a “frozen caliper”, 90% of the time it’s a seized caliper mounting pin or rusted and frozen sliders in the caliper bracket. These require only a proper servicing, which is a normal part of a Douglas Automotive Repair Inc proper brake job and typically needs to additional parts.

Call us today to schedule your brake inspection, or use our convenient on-line scheduling form.

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