Factory Recommended Maintenance

The best way to ensure that you get the maximum mileage from your car without major breakdowns is to perform scheduled or preventive maintenance. Your owners manual outlines many services needed at various mileage intervals. At minimum, you should follow these recommendations to keep your new factory warranty in effect. (Please keep in mind that these recommended intervals can vary based on how your drive and in what conditions you operate your vehicle.)

Do I have to visit a dealership to have the factory recommended maintenance performed to maintain my new vehicle warranty? No. Douglas Automotive Repair Inc has access to your factory recommended maintenance schedule, as well as the technical service bulletins, so that you can make sure any service we perform will not void your new car warranty. Obviously, if something is under warranty, we’ll tell you so you can take it back to the dealer, but we can repair anything else right here. We are your dealership alternative.

When must I take my vehicle back to dealership? Your specific vehicle manufacturer will notify you when you must take your vehicle back to your local dealer. This is usually due to a recall of a certain component. At that point, your dealership is your only option to have the recalled component repaired at no charge. Otherwise, we can perform all other non-warranty repairs on all the vehicles you own.

Should a warranty issue arise, we can provide you with a complete maintenance history. This is important as it will prove that you have maintained your vehicle during the warranty period so that your dealer can process your warranty claim.

We can help you keep you on track with all your vehicles…call Douglas Automotive Repair Inc today if you have any questions, or need to schedule your next factory recommended maintenance.

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