Auto Air Conditioning Services

ac systemThe function of an air conditioner is to help remove the heat and humidity from inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Powered by a belt, the air conditioning compressor compresses the refrigerant to pressurize it and pump it through the system.  The refrigerant is pushed through a valve where pressure and temperature are reduced. The now-cool refrigerant travels through the evaporator in the passenger compartment. As a result, cooled air is blown into your vehicle. This refrigerant returns to the compressor, where the cycle begins all over again.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t working up to par, don’t sweat it. Douglas Automotive Repair can solve the problem.

When should your air conditioning system be checked? Each year prior to the warm weather months–or any time it isn’t working to your satisfaction. Bring it in for an A/C System Check.

  • What’s included in the Air Conditioning System Service?
  • We visually inspect the air conditioning compressor drive belt for cracks or damage
  • Visually inspect accessible components for leaks or damage
  • Check operation of the air conditioning compressor and other air conditioning components
  • We will also evacuate refrigerant from the system, vacuum test the system, then recharge the air conditioning system using the appropriate refrigerant to the system capacity according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Give us a call today, or use our convenient on-line request form on our website to set up your A/C System Check today!

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