Summer Travel

sea-sky-beach-holiday-e1433862993603Hitting the road this summer or perhaps  for the holiday weekend? It’s always a good idea to have your vehicle checked out prior to traveling to make sure it’s as reliable as possible and to minimize problems while you’re traveling. Douglas Automotive Repair would be happy to do a “trip check” on your vehicle before you leave.

If you can’t stop by to see us, consider checking these basic items yourself before you hit the road.

  • Check all fluid levels and top off if necessary
  • Check your engine air filter to ensure it’s clean. If it’s dirty, consider having it replaced.
  • Check all belts and hoses for cracks or leaks
  • Check your wiper blades, especially if you haven’t used them for a while
  • Check tires for wear and ensure tire pressure is accurate for all of them, including your spare
  • Check that all lights are working, including:
      • Headlights
      • Taillights
      • Turn signals
      • Parking lights
      • Fog lights
      • Backup and license plate lights
      • Dome lights inside your vehicle

Happy Trails!

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