Avoiding A Stalled Vehicle

stalled carThe stalled car syndrome, more noticeable on our roadways than in our driveways, has been with us for generations. But it becomes more critical with increased population. Beyond missed appointments or being late for work it also results in the condition known as road rage. Not only can a disabled vehicle have an annoying “ripple effect” that goes beyond the immediate scene; it can be disastrous for the driver who is left vulnerable to roadside crime or to the elements.

Don’t blame your car. It can’t drive itself to the shop and ask for an oil change or new spark plugs.

Considering how dependent we are on our cars, it’s surprising how we take them for granted. An old battery or badly worn tire has its way of forewarning us that it’s going to let us down, but we tend to wait for the inevitable.

That’s why periodic checkups, or vehicle inspections, are so valuable. They not only help prevent traffic jams due to mechanical breakdowns, but also ensure the optimum safety and efficiency of our vehicles.

Give us a call to schedule your vehicle inspection.

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